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Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a condition characterized by progressive, gradual loss of kidney function over a period of time. 26 million American are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, and even more are at risk.

The conditions that cause CKD damage the kidneys and make it difficult for them to function as they should to keep you healthy. Your kidneys filter waste and excess fluid from your blood. When your kidneys are damaged, this waste and excess fluid can build up in your body and make you feel unwell.

We are currently enrolling in several clinical trials related to chronic kidney disease.


Anemia and Chronic Kidney Disease

Anemia commonly occurs in people who have chronic kidney disease. Your kidneys make an important hormone called erythropoietin, or EPO, that tells the bone marrow to make red blood cells. When your kidneys are not functioning properly, they do not make enough EPO and your red blood cell count drops, causing anemia.

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Diabetic Kidney Disease

Diabetes is a major risk factor for chronic kidney disease. In fact, diabetes is the number one cause for kidney failure.

When a person has diabetes, their small blood vessels are damaged, making it difficult for the kidneys to properly filter your blood.

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