Clinical Trial Sponsors

Delivering the Expertise You Need

Our commitment to advancing science helps Sponsors and CROs reach their goals by generating high quality data and delivering promising treatment options to patients.

  • 400+ clinical trials conducted
  • 170+ sponsors and CROs we worked with
  • 98% retention rate for long-term outcome trials greater than two years

Accelerate Your Clinical Trials Through Us

We consistently meet the goals set by the sponsor. Our skilled feasibility staff review all trials objectively and only agree to take trials where we have the capability to be successful. We recognize that your success is our success.


Over 25 Certified Experienced Staff


Ensure Accurate Data Through ALCOA+ Principles


High Performance Recruitment, Robust Database, Full Time Marketing & Recruitment Staff


Over 20 Years of Multi-therapeutic Research Experience


State of the Art Equipment for Multi-therapeutic Trials


2 Locations Drawing from a Radius of About 50 Miles

Recruitment Campaign Management

For each study we develop comprehensive recruitment plans and understand the importance of flexibility to achieve our goals.


Efficient Recruitment

Our vast network of patients are thoroughly pre-screened by our trained patient recruitment specialists to determine study eligibility.


Marketing that Works

Our specialized marketing team utilizes multiple techniques to attract a diverse patient population for our clinical trials.


Sponsor Collaboration

Our site is open to collaborating with the Sponsors designated central recruitment vendors to enhance our screening activities.

What Our Sponsors are saying

  • "Your site is so detail oriented and organized, making it so easy to monitor your site. I wish we could clone you."

    Sponsor CRA
  • "The primary CRC has been a pleasure to work with. She is very responsive to open queries, etc."

    Sponsor CRA
  • "The site is perfect and I would reccomend your site continues doing what you're doing."

    Sponsor CRA
  • "Your site staff is very professional and cooperative."

    Sponsor CRA